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If you have been in college or university, you have ever come along a research paper. Before graduating, you need to have written at least one research paper. It is a tough task if you have never done it. However, there have existed numerous companies that can write the best research paper for your research.

Most of the research papers occur in the final year of a student school year. In this article, we will discuss three best companies that will write an incredible research paper for you and steps followed in writing the best research paper.

What is a research paper?

A research paper is just an expansion of an essay but involves interpreting and evaluating an argument. The sources such as books, magazines, websites, and journals are added to back up the topic you are talking about.

Process of writing a compelling research paper

Writing a substantial research paper requires a good guideline. Below are the best steps that will ensure you write a perfect research paper.

1. Familiarize with the assignment
Go through the instructions very well to find out what your instructor wants you to do. Take time to read the assignment and get a clear picture of what it wants you to do. Most students skip this process, but it is essential. The areas that you have not understood ask your tutor for clarification.

2. Select a topic
After knowing what you are required to do, decide what you are going to write on. It is an arduous task for most students, but do not overthink so much. Look for areas you are interested in or passionate about. Controversial sentences are sometimes the best choice since you will be required to explain different positions and back them up.
If you have ever been taught on the guidelines of choosing the best topic for your research paper by your instructor, use them. It will be great if you write on the topic that is related to the assignment.

3. Research
This is where you spend much of your time. You need to skim, find sources that will back up your arguments, and never ignore any information. You should be able to work very hard to understand all the viewpoints and schools of thought on the topic. It requires you to read a lot of books.

4. Organize your work
After doing the research, the next step is to arrange your thoughts and evidence for your essay’s great flow. A bibliography should be handed over with the research paper. Form a good bibliography meeting the standards of the paper. You should organize the sources relevant to the work you have done.

5. Create a thesis
After doing the above four things, you need to articulate all your points well. A thesis statement is a concise sentence that written for the reader to explain your points. The thesis statement should be specific, arguable, and definite. Check with your instructor if the thesis statement you have written is excellent.

6. Create an outline
Creating is essential to ensure the structure of your paper is well. Think critically when creating an outline on what you are trying to explain or communicate in the research paper. The body of the research paper will be based on the content that you have collected.

7. Write
Using your outline, write your research paper. Just print, do not mind the grammar, or the mistakes arising as they reach a step for that. Cite the sources when quoting them. Make sure it is your thoughts to avoid plagiarism.

8. Edit
After writing your research paper, the next step you need to do is to edit the content and grammar. Go through the paper to check if everything is okay if the sources are well stated and cited. Ensure the format is great—Edit the grammar, correcting the grammatical mistakes such as spelling, punctuation marks, and many more.

9. Reread and submit
Go through the research paper again to make sure it well, check all things if you have followed the correct format before submitting it. After ensuring everything is okay, submit your paper.

The best legit research paper writing services

Most students seek the services of the best research paper writers online to get good grades. The following are some of the best companies that provide research paper writing services.

1. 99papers.

99papers is one of the best websites that will produce an excellent research paper for you. It is a legit incredible company offering excellent services. The prices are fair and balanced, thus being pocket friendly for most of the students. A research paper is usually longer; hence these services will hugely favor students. Looking for a better place to get a good research paper that will ensure you get excellent grades? 99 papers is the best place to be. There is a discount that is very juicy for first-time customers after making an order. A student can rewrite their paper as it provides a platform for that.

The length, deadline, academic level, expertise of the writer are the factors that determine the price of your essay. Clients can choose the type of writers they want, ranging from standard, experienced, and top writers.


2. EssayBox.

EssayBox is a legitimate company that offers research paper writing services. You will get high-quality content papers. EssayBox will ensure you get good grades that will improve your GPA. The company has a great understanding of the customers, thus making it trustworthy in the eyes of the students. Most of the company’s reviews are positive.

EssayBox will provide you with the content that is plagiarism-free and will pass all the plagiarism checking software. EssayBox is very reliable, cheap, and among the legit research paper writing companies.


3 PaperHelp.

This is arguably the best writing company. Their cheap prices make them most sought by the student and offer a variety of writers that a student will select. It is swift, reliable, and has customer-friendly services.

If you’re not satisfied with the work done or the writer fails to meet the deadline, you are entitled to a refund.



Research is a must for those in college and university. However, writing a paper is not an easy task. It involves the essential steps that we have covered in this article. We have also included the three best companies that will write a good research paper.

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