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Writing an essay for business schools can be a very challenging task. It is like trying to explain your credentials to someone who has the key to your dreams, but you have a limited number of words to respect. In doing this, you have to give it all you have got. You will write like it is the last time you will do it. Your essay must have an impact.

The people in the admission committee of business schools have lots of admission applications to read. This being true, you have to make your application different from all the rest to catch their interest.  The admission officers are always looking for the profile of the candidate that would be considered the best. These officers want to know how valuable you will be to yourself, your MBA class, and, indeed, the entire school. In your essay, you will tell the admission officers why they should consider your application over hundreds of applications that they have to review.

This article provides you with useful tips on how to write an MBA essay. Then later, we will introduce the five best MBA essay writing services that you can contact if you need professional help.

  • Below are the five killer ways to write a compelling MBA essay;
  • Understand the fundamentals of general essay writing;
  • Understand the prompts of your essay;
  • Demonstrate how fit you are to go through the MBA program;
  • Keep to the specified word count;
  • Proofread and edit the essay for errors.

Let’s analyze each of these steps

Understand the Fundamentals of General Essay Writing 

Essay wring for business schools should be done gradually and progressively. You may want to start early enough because you will need enough time to polish your essays when you have finished writing. Nothing is more embarrassing than a poorly constructed MBA essay.

Do not put yourself under any kind of pressure. Write down your ideas as they come. Additionally, you have to be in the best mind frame to be creative when crafting a killer MBA essay. Staying focused will help you create an engaging piece of MBA essay. It also helps to think critically on some aspects of your credentials; this will help you dig out some information that may be useful in the end.

Furthermore, when writing an MBA essay, you must get rid of all technical jargon and flowery language. As soon as you have written down all your ideas, you will create the structure of the essay.

After creating the structure of the essay, you organize the flow of the proposed content. You must be coherent throughout the paper. You will need to provide facts and figures to back up specific claims. Backing up your claims with relevant evidence will put you at ease during the interview.

In your story, you should show some passion and enthusiasm for the MBA program. Ensure that your essay synchronizes perfectly with your resume. However, it should not be a repetition of the resume.

When you are applying for different schools, do not submit the same essay to all the schools. Let each application be specific to a particular school. To do this, you must learn about each school and what element to either delete from your essay or add for a specific school.

Understand the Prompts of your essay

MBA essays may be a single essay document that is very long or multiple essays that are shorter. Every school has its own style of essay, therefore, you have to understand the essay prompts of each school so that every essay will be unique. In your essay, you may need to provide enough insights to ensure that you answer the main question of the essay. Instead of merely stating what you are good at doing, you can go deep to include various situations when you have done exceedingly great things. Reveal cases when you have shown traits of good leadership and an organizational spirit. Highlight your involvement with insignificant events that people benefited.

There is a couple of schools that video essays are mandatory, whereas, in other schools, this may be optional. If the school you are applying to demands a compulsory video essay, you should ensure that you learn how to handle the questions of a video essay.

Demonstrate How Fit You Are to Go Through the MBA Program 

After spending millions of dollars and finally realized that the school was not the right one to help you achieve your goals, the whole plan would be a total waste of time and energy, and most importantly, money.  Therefore, you must ensure that you do proper research before applying to any school. Go through the reviews of that school to know what the past students have to say about the institution. Contact these past students to learn from them what the school offers and to what level of quality.

For example, in Harvard Business schools, they have revealed on their website that they consider the application of some students with specific characteristics that they find substantial. These characteristics include, the traits of leadership, an appetite for analysis, engagement in community development. Therefore, if you want to write your MBA application to Harvard, you have to highlight some significant moments where you have demonstrated all these traits.

Applying for an MBA school is usually “two-way traffic; this is because while you are sure that the school you have chosen is the best for you, you also have to ensure that you are the best candidate for the school. It is one thing to want a school and a different matter entirely for the school to accept you.

The best schools would be different for different people based on certain factors such as, the career profile of the individual, and the academic profile. Not every applicant will be accepted by Harvard; therefore, you have to be practical about it and send your application to only the schools you know you are the best fit.

Keep to The Specified Word Count

Should You Really Maintain the Word Count?

The count is critical and should not be taken lightly. When you have a specified word count of maintaining, under no circumstance should you ignore it? Though there may be little variations, this should not be pronounced. However, you should try to maintain the count as much as possible. Some schools may accept a deviation of not more than 10%. But the emphasis is on not going overboard with it neither should you underutilize it. If you submit an essay that is less than the specified word count, the application reviewers may think that you do not have enough things to say about yourself.

In your MBA essay, you must ensure that you do not repeat the fact that you have stated earlier, your essay should be concise and straight to point. No one has the time to read long, boring stories. Eliminate unnecessary adverbs and redundant sentences.

Proofread and Edit The Essay For Errors

After you have written the essay, take some time off and then return after a couple of days to proofread it again, and this time you will see some errors that escaped you the first time you edited it. If you have written this document yourself, you can hire the services of a proofreader to polish the essay.

If you need help crafting a killer MBA essay, our out best five lists of legit essay services will help you get into any school of your choice.

There are TOP 5 the best MBA essay writing services you can trust:

1. EssayBox

If you are searching for a quality MBA essay writing company, you have found one in EssayBox. This is one of the legit essay writing services that can help you create the best MBA essays that will wow your reviewers. It is a company that thousands of people have trusted for years to deliver a high-quality essay, and they have never failed. Apart from MBA essay writing, they also provide a wide range of essay services.

They have a team of qualified writers that undertake any writing task. If you receive your paper and you find that you are not comfortable with something, you can request a revision. This legit essay service provides free unlimited revisions. However, as soon as your paper is delivered, you have to check it for things you do not like and come back for revision as soon as possible because you can only request a revision within the first ten days of delivery. And if you have a lengthier essay, you have about 20 days to return for a revision.

This company also offers a money-back guarantee; however, you need to contact the support agents to learn about the terms and conditions of the service.


2. 99Papers

Finding legit essay writing services that provide essay writing help that spans across several fields is not easy. But if this is what you want, we have done the search for you. This company handles any writing project. Regardless of your field, be it Biology, History, Business, you will find a top-class writer who will handle your project and deliver the best quality. Whenever you place your order, the company will assign the best writer to craft your MBA essay, depending on your budget and instructions.

Finding an affordable company is one of the top challenges that most students face when looking for legit essay writing services. This process becomes more complicated when the student has to go over hundreds of webpages to get the best company. But this company is one of the most affordable services you can find in the industry. They have the students in mind; that is why they have made their services affordable. But you want to ask; how do they achieve this low process for the top-quality essay. Their pricing system is very flexible, and they take into consideration the following factors:

  • The complexity of the essay;
  • The number of pages required;
  • The delivery date of the essay;
  • The academic levels.

What the above factors mean is that with the industry-standard price, you get to decide how much you will be paid for what you want. They also have a price calculator on the website that gives you an idea about the price of your essay before you place your order.


3. 1Essay

With the significant number of essay writers on the internet, it is challenging to get the best writer that can satisfy your desires, especially with a paper as complex as an MBA essay. But this company is one of the legit essay services that provide you with quality help in academic essay writing projects. This company hires a combination of both ESL writers and ENL writers to ensure that you get whatever you want here. This company employs a team of excellent writers who have earned higher degrees in various fields. This team of exceptional writers guarantees only the best results. They offer a standard price calculator that lets you know the price of your order based on the information you have provided.

This company guarantees fast delivery, experienced writers, the highest quality at the best rate possible, and a team of responsive customer support agents.

With this company, it does not matter how soon you need your paper, and you can be sure that the professionals here will deliver your essay whenever you need it, even if it is within a couple of hours.

If you need to know the progress of your order or you have questions regarding the service, or maybe you need someone to assist in placing an order, you can reach the support agents. This company boasts of some of the most responsive support agents in the industry. They will give you the answer to whatever you need.


4. EssayPro

If you have ever considered having a personal writer for all your projects, then you have to think again because any company you decide to hire must have the best and most qualified writers.

Legit essay services like EssayPro has some of the lowest prices you can get in the paper writing industry. They provide the best solution for any academic problem that you may have. If quality safety and affordability are what you need, then this is one of the legit essay services to consider.


5. EvolutionWriters

Looking at the website of this company, they appear to be like your typical essay writing company. From the homepage, you will find an order form. Additionally, you will find the range of services offered. You will also find the price calculator that is very easy to understand.

The list of services is vast, and it covers the major academic projects, including the complicated MBA essay, and the prices are affordable compared to the top-quality.


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