Best Essay Writing Services on Reddit

If you want to write a thesis, you are probably going to order from legit essay writing services on the internet. That is the traditional way of doing it. Students are expected to contact several services, compare and then choose any company that satisfies their desire. There are a lot of paper writing agencies that can deliver the best quality of any paper you want. This approach is still working, however, things have changed a little. Students are now searching for novel ways to get things done faster. Therefore, Reddit has now joined the industry.

I heard you asking, wasn’t Reddit a popular internet forum where people gather to discuss a topic? Well, it’s more than that. Reddit is a useful forum where people learn about the recent events at a click of a button.

Writing service on Reddit works as a subreddit, a platform where you can present your views. If you want to create an essay or any paper, all you can do is to start a conversation about what you want. In your discussion, you will state your requirements as well as your instructions. People who follow discussions threads on Reddit will start making you offers. And then, you will be asking relevant questions. The process is like a job interview. As soon as you have found someone who you think can handle your task-based how well they have responded to your questions, you will hire him/her to complete the task.

Advantages of Essay Writing Services on Reddit

For a start, you can have direct contact with the authors, and then you can choose the one that suits your needs. With the bidding system, you can get affordable prices from the authors. This is a well-moderated platform; therefore, spam is significantly reduced. You can read feedback from other clients to have an idea of how credible these companies are. Let’s take a look at the best essay writing services on Reddit.

1. Essaybox

There are a lot of paper writing companies that are interested in taking advantage of the clients, especially the students who are ready to pay any price to get their projects done in a quick time. But these fraudulent companies just copy the work of someone else and send it to you. This attitude is capable of ruining the reputation of students. But EssayBox focuses on quality service delivery.

The website of this company was well-designed to create an excellent appeal. It is such that you will find all you need with this company right on the front page. This saves time. The price calculators, discounts, guarantees, benefits, and every important information you want to get about the company can be found on the front page of the website. If you need to get in touch with the customer support team, you can quickly get the support link and contact from the front page of the website. At EssayBox, the issue of customer satisfaction is taken very seriously.

Guarantees. EssayBox provides mouth-watering guarantees such as:

  • Free bibliography
  • Free title page
  • Free outline
  • Free inquiry
  • 100% original content.
  • Full Money-back feature
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Up-to-date formatting

Confidentiality. EssayBox ensures that no one gets access to your information, both personal and financial.


2. PaperHelp

A lot of paper writing services have flooded the internet recently, and it is becoming increasingly challenging to choose the right one that can handle your project. But be sure that paperHelp is one of the legit essay writing services that you can trust. PaperHelp offers excellent prices, and they deliver top-quality. PaperHelp boast of the industry’s top professionals and experts who have an extensive knowledge base in every field. These experts ensure you get the results from your academic paper. However, most clients have complained about customer support because of the sluggishness with which they respond to queries. But the content quality provided by PaperHelp is not to be questioned.

They offer a very competitive price for their services, which sometimes does not tell the whole story because the top-quality provided should command higher prices, but that is not the case with PaperHelp. Furthermore, PaperHelp ensures a money-back guarantee does not like the delivery, and then you decide the cancel the order. You should visit the website to learn about the money-back policy. You may have to contact the customer support to get any information you want.

Pros and Cons


  • Top-quality paper;
  • On-time delivery;
  • Quality service delivery.


  • They have a remote support team who not readily understand the English Language;
  • The customer support agents do not respond promptly to questions.


The terms of service of PaperHelp is unambiguous. First of all, you are guaranteed the safety of your information. This company also guarantees content that is 100% free of plagiarism.


3. 99Papers

Since the establishment of 99Papers in the paper writing industry, they have continued to be innovative, improving the quality of their service delivery. Today, this company is one of the legit essay writing services that deliver top quality without questions. They have developed their pricing structure and scaled up on the professionalism of the writers they employ. This is a company you can trust. This company hires writers who only from the United States of America and the UK. These writers are experts in different fields. What is most impressive about the company is that the writers they employ are usually enthusiastic about what they do, they have the high spirit of giving you what you want at any point. They are capable of crafting the best essay that will exceed your expectations.


This company is very secured. It is one of the few platforms in the paper writing industry that can ensure that the work and the identity of the clients are kept safe from third parties. If exposed, it usually puts a dent on the reputation of the student. And since the students form the most extensive client base of 99Papers, the company checks every loophole that might reveal the identity of the student. Therefore, be sure that confidentiality is an issue that this company takes very seriously. The clients will remain anonymous throughout the entire process and in subsequent orders.


4. 1Essay

It is a fascinating experience to have personal paper writers attend to you whenever you need any writing service. The professional writers at 1Essay are some of the best writers you can find in the industry. They will help you earn the best grades in your academic writing projects
This platform boasts of a mixture of both ENL writers and ESL writers. Therefore, they have the perfect blend of experts to handle any academic paper in different English Language variations.

The writers at 1Essay are a team of professionals who hold high degrees, such as Ph.D. and masters. Additionally, when you order an academic paper, be sure that only the best writers will handle and complete the project. This company guarantees your peace of mind; therefore, you can place your order and relax, knowing that your information is in safe hands.
This company also guarantees the delivery of the superb quality paper. Also, you can contact the support team anytime in case you have something that is not clear to you, and you want to ask questions.


5. EssayPro

There are a few legit essay services that use the bidding system to provide content for their clients. If you have worked with this company before or maybe you have only visited their website, you will know that the client is given the job of a competent writer from the pool of writers and not the company’s agents. Just as this procedure has its advantages, it also has disadvantages.

Content Quality

If you want to have an idea of the quality of content provided by this company, you may want to read the customer feedback and the testimonials on the website. Most of the past clients have confirmed that the quality of the delivery depends on the clients; that is why some clients have better deliveries than others. The latter gets nothing but disappointments, and then they leave less than positive feedback about the company. Almost all the positive reviews emphasize on the importance of making the right choice for a writer. This is because most of the writers in this company are ESL writers, and they are not too good with the English Language.

Prices and Discounts

As said earlier, EssayPro operates on a bidding system; hence the prices here are not fixed. However, the minimum amount you can get for a paper is $12/page; therefore, you can expect higher bids. Nevertheless, you can have an idea of the approximate value of the final delivery.
As far as discounts and bonuses are concerned, this company hardly offers any. That is quite sad. However, the company has established a free market bidding process between the writer and the client. The final price of your essay depends on the agreement you have reached with your writer. We have already stated that the company does not offer discounts and bonuses, but depending on your bidding power, you can discuss this with your writer and reach an agreement. Your writer can provide you with discounts to help you save some money.


Is It A Good Idea to Hire the Legit Essay Writing Services on Reddit?

The critical reviews above command a question: can anyone trust the best essay writing services on Reddit? The answer to this question is straightforward. You can trust these services; however, they are not the “do all” of essay writing services.” In order words, you can not wholly rely on them as the best that can ever be in the industry.

There are very few bidders on a Reddit essay service. If your topic attracts an active thread of writers, you may only assume the level of the qualification until you have discussed it with each of them individually. During your discussion with them, try to know the level of their degrees to see the one that can handle your project.

Buying a Legit Essay Essay Services on Reddit: Key Notes to Keep in Mind

From the information above, we can agree that Reddit is an excellent platform for anyone who needs essay writing services. This platform also allows you to pay someone a paltry fee to take online courses for you. And when you need to write an essay, you will definitely find a writer who can help you handle the task with relative ease.

However, before you hire anyone to write an essay for you, it is essential to take certain things into due considerations. For example, as a student, you would like to have your identity hidden when you hire someone else to write your academic essay. If this is the case, then the Reddit may not be a perfect platform for you to be. On the other hand, the Reddit is a platform that is full of services available at your beck and call. Therefore, it is straightforward to get someone that can handle your project and deliver quality.

More so, the Reddit is a very active community, and it provides reviews and tips. Therefore it is recommended that you take a look at the various subreddits if you ever need help with your paper. You can also come here to participate in discussions to learn and also to give feedback on the Reddit essay writers who you have hired in the past. By so doing, you are helping others to make the best decision because now they will have an idea of the writers to hire for your projects. They will also identify the writers they need to steer clear from.


There are numerous legit essay writing services on Reddit, but then it will be challenging to spot them because there are also fraudulent ones. More so, Reddit is a platform that does not ban inactive services providers or delete the old post, and this makes the task of getting a legit essay service even more difficult. That is why we have come up with this review to help you make a better choice.

Whenever you come across a post from a potential legit service provider, you will discover that it is either old or downvoted. But with our reviews, you have been saved from the stress of looking for legit essay writing services.

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