However, to identify the good and bad paper writing companies, there are certain factors you need to consider. Most times, recognizing legit essay writing services goes beyond merely understanding their offers and how affordable they may be. There are a lot of important factors to have in mind. These factors are what we use to rate the paper writing companies we have reviewed in the article. Read Below to Know How to Identify Legit Essay Writing Services.

The Variety of Services Offered

To identify a legit essay writing service, you have to consider the variety of services they offer. Though you may be looking for a particular service that a company can offer, you may also want to consider all the tasks you could want in the future; they may not be the same. In that case, you have to select a company that offers a variety of services. This is because you may not want to go about looking for another essay writing company when the company you first patronized does not provide all the essay services.

If the company you want to hire does not offer a variety of services, it shows that such a company does not have enough expert writers who can handle any topic in any niche as far as it has to do with essay services.

Let us look at the details that regard the variety of services a legit essay company can offer:

  • Academic degree research papers at all levels
  • A diversity of writing solutions
  • Other academic papers such as presentations etc.
  • Only professional writers know what it takes to create a compelling essay.
  • Most companies may provide free features
  • Legit essay services follow instructions and respect the deadline for transactions except on rare occasions.
  • Legit essay writing services also provide proofreading and editing services.
  • They write on any academic level.
  • Pricing and Discounts

Another factor to look out for when selecting legit essay writing services is the price of the services offered. Pricing and discounts are a very important aspect of an essay writing service that most students tend to look for when making a choice. The fact is that most students do not have enough budget to cover an expensive essay writing service, and at the same time, they want the best quality. This can be achieved.

Below Is Our List of the TOP 10 Legit Essay Services to Trust

1. 99Papers

This company is one of the legit essay writing services that deliver good content. Additionally, the prices of their services are very affordable, and this helps the clients to save money and, at the same time, get the best quality. They have a well-advanced price calculation system. When you hire the essay, writing services of this company for the first time, the company will offer you a first-time-buyer discount that will help you save costs.

Another aspect of this company is that you are sure to have a custom paper that will satisfy any requirement. Their Well-programmed service price calculator gives you an idea of the price you will pay to complete the project. The prices offered by this company are based on some factors such as the number of pages needed, the time of delivery the academic level of your project.
This company provides three categories of writers based on your budget and the level of quality you need. They have the top writers, the experienced writers, and the standard writers. The top writer is the most skilled writers of a particular field, and they are pricier than the rest. But regardless of these variations in prices and level of writers, this company offers affordable prices compared to most other paper writing company. Also, this company provides top-class essay writing services; therefore, you can be sure that you will have an excellent value for your money.

Prices: $8.99/page
Customer Support: Excellent 24/7
Revision: Unlimited and free
Discounts: 5% first-time-buyer discount.


2. EssayBox

As long as it has to with higher academic institutions, essay writing is something every student must pass through to graduate. This is why more essay writing services are being established every now and then. Students are mostly burdened with social and academic responsibilities that become overwhelming at times. If you want to minimize your academic workload, then you should consider delegating some of your project activities to people who can ensure that you have good grades from the paper. This is what EssayBox was established to do, and they have been achieving that. They will provide you with the most amazing essay and ensure that you get a good score.

There are tons of essay writing services that are out to deceive students and trick them into hiring their services just to defraud them. To be one of the legit essay writing services in this competitive paper writing industry, a company must have credibility and a positive reputation. Additionally, trustworthiness should be the watch-word of such a company. And this company has all these in abundance.

Prices: $9/page
Customer Support: Excellent 24/7
Discounts: up to 15% Off
Revisions: Free



If you are writing an academic research paper, you have to bear in mind that this paper has to be unique to be accepted. Therefore, if you want to hire a paper writing company to help you out with your paper, you must ensure that you hire the best from the industry. is one of the legit essay writing services that can help save the students from academic workload while helping them to get better grades in their studies. Therefore, if you need any professional paper writing help, this is another company to trust. They have been tested and trusted. Additionally, they have very good reviews online; this shows that this company is what you need to have a rest of mind.

You may have experienced the services of fake paper writing platforms, and this has put you on the defensive when it comes to essay writing service. Well, if you have been defrauded in the past, it is okay to doubt. But we assure you that this company is one of the best legit essay services to trust.

Prices: $9/page
Customer Service: Excellent 24/7
Discount: 5% first-time-buyer discount.


4. PaperHelp

If you are looking for legit essay writing services to rely on, this is another company that promises and delivers the best. Additionally, they deliver quality at an affordable price. This company has a team of professional essay writes that will help to create the best paper for your academic research.

As earlier stated, this company offers good prices for its services. Also, you are guaranteed a refund if anything happens. In case you need to learn more about the money-back policy, you can contact the customer service for information.

Price: $9/page
Customer service: 24/7
Revisions: 3 free revisions
Discount: 24/7 Discount: 10% first-time-buyer discount


5. EssayPro

This is another good company that provides legit essay writing services. This company allows you to choose your own author based on their qualifications and level of skill and your budget. You can discuss your requirements with your author before you place your order. When communicating your instructions, ensure that your writer completely understands every part of it, the quality of your essay depends on whether or not your writer understands the instructions.

If you are a student, then be sure that this company has your best interest at heart. When you check their online reputation, you will discover that a lot of students have received quality help from this company. If you place an order with this company, be sure that your order will be delivered in time and in top-quality. They also offer a money-back guarantee; however, you may need to contact the customer care to learn more about this feature.

Price: $7/page
Customer service: 24/7
Revisions: free within seven days of order completion
Discount: 10% first-time-buyer discount


6. PaperCoach

This company recently included a dissertation to its least of numerous services. It is one of the best legit essay services that can help you with the best quality under any condition. But whatever type of paper you want this is the company to write it for you, be sure that you will get the best quality possible.

If what you want is a dissertation, this company employs the best authors in the industry to deal with any kind of paper writing task. Speaking of customer support, this company has a very competent team of support staff.

Price: $7/page
Customer service: 24/7
Revisions: Free
Discounts: 11% first-time-buyer discount.


7. SpeedyPaper

Is there any academic project that you need to complete urgently? This is another top-quality essay writing service that delivers nothing short of the best quality paper within the specified deadline. They offer 100% plagiarism-free content.

This company is another legit essay service that offers a variety of services. Also, their prices are very low compared to the top-quality they offer. They also offer good discounts that help you to save some cost on your order.

Price: $9/page
Customer service: 24/7
Revisions: 3 free revisions within seven days of order delivery
Discount: 15% first-time-buyer discount


8. SuperbPaper

Have you been searching for the best legit essay services, here is another superb platform you can trust? They will help you to craft a killer research paper that will guarantee good grades. This company boasts of some of the most talented writers the paper industry has to offer. These writers work round the clock and diligently to ensure that every customer gets his/her desires met with the greatest quality possible. However, to ensure that you get the best from this company always leave clear instructions that are easy to understand, this is because the quality of your essay largely depends on the clarity of your instructions. When your instructions are not clear enough, the writers may misunderstand it and deliver something you do not like.

We all understand that students go through a lot of stress in school, and so many things contribute to this sky-high stress level of the student. And what they want is something that can ease their burden. This is why essay writing services have sprung up to ease the burden of the student. But the bad news is that not all these companies can do what they claim to do, thereby leaving the student stranded and at risk of failing in their projects. But this company will take you by the hand and ensure that you get good grades from the top-quality paper they will craft for you. Due to the top-quality paper they provide, they have been able to gather thousands of customers who don’t only come back for more quality but come along with their friends and family. This kind of recommendation gives credibility to any company, so you can be sure that this company is credible.

Prices: $10/page
Customer service: 24/7
Revisions: Free
Discounts: 5% first-time-buyer discount.


9. Homeworkforme

If this is your first time hiring an essay writing service, this is the guide that will help you to make the best decision. This is another legit company on our top ten best legit essay writing services. They offer low prices for their superb quality articles. When you place your order with them, be sure that they will follow the instructions to give you what you want. Also, you must ensure that you state your instructions in clear, simple terms. These legit essay writing services offer incredible features that offer you the opportunity to control the progress of the order by way of making changes to your instructions and giving relevant suggestions. And when you have made these changes, the writers will follow the updated instructions to give you what your want.

Since the establishment of online essay writing platforms, a lot of students in different academic levels now have enough time for themselves to engage in social activities or take care of more pressing academic needs. Essay writing can be such a challenging task to undertake, and this is why many students are greatly disturbed whenever they have one to write. But with this company, you don’t need to worry any thousands of happy customers trust this company from different institutions.

Prices: $11/page
Customer service: 24/7
Revisions: Free
Discounts: about 11% with good discount codes


10. EvolutionWriters

There are a lot of online essay writing services, and this makes selecting a legit service difficult. As a student, you need a service that will guarantee your peace of mind while providing the best quality at an affordable rate. This essay writing service is one of the best legit essay writing services that can guarantee your peace of mind while providing a top-quality service.

This company offers writing services to three groups of persons, the students, job seekers, and businessmen and women. Therefore, be sure to get whatever service you are looking for here at EvolutionWriters. They are committed to their service, and they will never disappoint you whenever you need them.

Prices: $9/page
Customer service: excellent 24/7
Revisions: Free
Discounts: They provide referral royalty.


But how can you tell when a service is too pricey and when it is too cheap? How do you recognize the companies that are only interested in how much you are willing to pay and nota how much they are willing to deliver?

If you want to hire a paper writing company, you also want to hire the best at an affordable price.

Therefore, let us some details of these ten best legit essay services with regards to affordability:

  • High-quality papers that are affordable
  • A variety of payment gateways that are 100% secure
  • Protection of your personal and financial information
  • Money-back guarantee
  • They help clients to save cost by providing discounts on orders
  • Different levels of academic writing.
  • Quality of Services Delivery

Although we did not put this point as the first factor on this list, it is the major thing you have to look out for. Before we review any essay writing service, we always ensure that such a service has professional writers that are more than equal to any task. This is what clients want to hear.
We understand that it is not easy to determine whether or not a service is going to deliver what you want from them, that is why recommend that you check out some necessary factors before you finally hire them. These factors will give you an idea of whether or not a company can deliver the level of quality you want.

Customer support

When we review the essay writing services, we also look at the customer support team of the company. The reason we analyze the customer support is simple; we understand that the process of placing an order or even understanding the assignment can be very difficult, that is why the clients need a support team that they can talk to when they are confused. If a paper writing company does not provide enough customer support, it will be very difficult to communicate what you want from the company. Furthermore, no one will have a listening ear to hear you complains whenever something goes wrong. Best Legit essay service understands this problem, that is why have well-established customer service agents to help you anytime you need them.

Online Reputation

For a paper writing company to be considered as one of the best legit essay services, they must have a lot of previous customers who are happy with their services and have left reviews based on their experiences. These positive reviews show that the company can do whatever they claim to do. The reviews of paper writing companies are very important because they give you an idea of the quality of that service; in terms of whether or they can be trusted. If you read the reviews of companies and you discover from the review that the company delivers quality, you will have an idea of what to expect when you hire them.

The life of most students is very hectic; their lives could be fun if they had the opportunity to delegate some of the academic activities; they have to handy to more competent hands. Research projects are required for any student in any college or university to graduate; therefore, be sure that you will certainly come across them. But sometimes, you need professional help to handle these projects. If that is the case, you need the best legit essay writing services. And reading the reviews of these companies can help you choose better. If you want to lighten your academic burden, essay writing companies provide you with the help you need.

No one can deny the fact the essay writing companies have been helping different students across various institutions to write even the most complicated papers. Most companies are good, and they keep to their guarantees. They work closely with the clients to ensure that all the requirements are satisfied.


If you have been looking for legit essay writing service to help in your academic and other non-academic types of essay, above are the ten best legit essay services. This list represents the paper writing industry’s best ten companies, so if you need a piece of writing, you can order from any of these ten services. You can rely on any of these ten companies to offer the best quality essay at the cheapest rate possible. Thousands of clients have bought the services of these ten best legit essay services, and they become loyal customers because of the quality they get from these companies. Don’t forget that there are thousands of essay writing service on the internet, and to save you the stress of searching for a service yourself; through an in-depth review and analysis by experts, we have presented these ten legit essay services. We have carefully selected these services because they are the best in the industry. We hope that you get the best out of your writing projects and assignments.

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